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W. Eugene Smith was impassioned in covering the deadly effects of industrial mercury pollution in Minamata, Japan, during the early 1970s. The photo essay dramatically revealed the poisoning's human toll and brought Mr. Smith even further acclaim. But he left Minamata exhausted and suffering from ... Johnny Depp signs on to play WWII photographer W Eugene Smith ... A 1972 photo was published months after the attack, which drew worldwide attention to Minamata. The Minamata photo essay was published in 1975. Magnum Photos

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This monograph reproduces images from six classic essays: "Country Doctor", which portrays the selfless and sometimes frustrating work of a doctor in rural America; "Spanish Village", the most powerful photographic study of 1950s Spain… Engaged Observers: Documentary Photography Since the Sixties… In the decades following World War II, an independently minded, critically engaged form of photojournalism began to flourish. It was not destined for the morning papers or exclusively for newsmagazines, and it did not attempt to be neutral… The Poisoning Of Minamata Bay - Digg From 1932 to 1968, tons of mercury seeped into the clear waters of Minamata Bay, Japan, causing health and environmental problems still felt today. As the first global treaty on mercury finally comes into force, what have we really learned… Photo of the week | Genève Internationale International Geneva: Welcome on the official website of the Republic and State of Geneva on international Geneva

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The newsletter is published 4 times a year and highlights our work cleaning up communities around the world. Stay up-to-date on all our projects. Join the mailing list to receive newsletters via email. Profotos - W. Eugene Smith The 1951 essay, "Spanish Village", is perhaps the most striking example of a photo-essay in which the traditional subordination of pictures to words is essentially reversed. Documentary | Documentary Film | Mass Media

Upon publication the photo became world-famous, significantly raising the international profile of Minamata disease and the struggle of the victims for recognition and compensation.

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W. Eugene Smith | International Center of Photography His last photo essay, "Minamata," completed in the 1970s, depicted victims of mercury poisoning in a Japanese fishing village. Smith is credited with the developing the photo essay to its ultimate form.

National Book Auctions - Your National Source for Everything… Smith and his wife lived in the city of Minamata from 1971 to 1973, and created a photo essay detailing the effects of the poison induced disease, caused by a Chisso factory discharging heavy metals into water sources around Minamata.